We are passionate about two things: market intelligence and innovation. City Intelligence is the result of the endless energy that drives us to continue offering better solutions to our clients as well as to democratize the use of information.

Latin American Capital (LAC) is a consulting firm based in Guadalajara with offices in Madrid, Budapest, and Rotterdam. We have more than 15 years of experience in marketing and business consulting, working with clients from all industries and of all sizes, from Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to large transnationals.

In a very short summary, we can describe the value we offer in 4 services:

  • Research and analysis (IA/RA): We conduct market studies focused on knowing in depth the behavior of consumers, competitors, suppliers, and industries.

  • Organizational Analysis (DO/OA): We identify improvement opportunities within your company and develop strategies to achieve them.

  • Promotion and Sales Strategy (EPV/PSS): We develop the appropriate action plan to achieve your marketing goals.

  • Operational and Organizational Strategy (EOO/OOS): We guide you in the process of implementing internal corporate strategies that result in operational advantages for your company.

After boosting our client's competitive dynamism with our Research and Analysis (IA/RA) service, we managed to simplify consulting in the most complete way possible by creating the branch called LAC Analytics. This is an area that focuses on data science, big & smart data, location intelligence software and artificial intelligence, and develops services based on the identification and collection of the most valuable data by turning this data into competitive advantages for clients.

Meet the team

Our team has attracted highly experienced multidisciplinary talent from all over the world, disciplines, and industries which have generated a cluster of highly skilled individuals who have enriched City Intelligence from various angles.

We are connected by more than 5 time zones, 7 cities and multiple offices with the sole purpose of building a highly competitive, friendly system that meets the needs of all our clients.


Uriel Fernandez

Chief Executive Officer

Founder and CEO of Latin American Capital and Management Outsourcing Services, co-founder of City Intelligence. Passionate in creating entities and perfecting their operations.

Luis Natera

Chief Data Scientist

Ph.D. candidate in network science. Co-founder of City Intelligence. He has international experience in developing urban projects that leverage network and data science. He has been an international speaker and research visitor at MIT's Media Lab.

Diego López

Technology Developer

Technology development and strategy specialist. With experience in web development and data science. He has participated in research and technology creation projects with Boston University, and IMC Krems, Austria.


Carolina Gil

Head of Strategy and Planning

Bachelor in Business Creation and Development, specializing in process analysis, by ITESM. She has had a wide participation in startups in diverse sectors. At Latin American Capital, she is currently in charge of technical projects coordination.

Samantha Acosta

Strategic consulting

MA in Intervention and Research in Social Psychology. She is a consultant conducting projects related to research, analysis, and market intelligence at Latin American Capital.

Edgar Egurrola

Data Scientist

Environmental engineer with experience in handling Geographic Information Systems as well as processing and analyzing spatial data in order to study environmental and urban systems.


Mauricio Mendoza

Strategic consulting

Specialist in private sector and strategic consulting at Latin American Capital. With expertise in data analysis and diagnosis, as well as process control and auditing.

Eduardo Magaña

Strategic consulting

Market intelligence and strategic planning specialist, promoting market competitiveness by analyzing the business environment and consumer-product interaction.

Daniel Hernandez

Data Engineer

Geospatial analyst with experience in spatial data analytics. He has a master’s degree in Geospatial Science from The University of Melbourne. He has worked for both private and public sectors in Mexico and Australia.