Frequently Asked Questions

City Intelligence draws on a wide variety of external sources, therefore, an artificial intelligence-based system was developed that consults a vast number of databases. This allows us to adapt to the different periods in which each source updates its data, from those that are refreshed daily to those that change monthly, quarterly, annually, or sporadically.
CI gathers information to answer recurring market, real estate, and urban analysis questions, among others. This is why we have a free version, through which you can learn about our system. We invite you to contact us so that you can speak to our consultants, who will guide you and make sure that the system meets your needs.
The information collected is derived from a complex universe of public and private data that is carefully curated and correlated. Also, we have more than 15 years of experience in the development of market studies, diagnoses, and organizational consultancies, which has allowed us to develop different databases of various kinds.
We connect the databases through georeferenced correlations. These in turn are integrated into our urban representation system that is responsible for contextualizing them down to the most basic level, that is, the basic geostatistical area (AGEB/BGEA). This is all achieved by representing each of the interactions of the cities in data storage units called "nodes", which allow connections to be established between the data and the query, to reveal the scenarios that would be relevant to your strategic analysis.
The sources of information used by the platform are audited, legal, and comply with unbiased technical standards. They also come from and are supported by political administrations, decentralized government institutions, and private authorized initiatives, as well as international reference organizations.
Our data goes through an arduous process of cleaning, standardization, and integration, to ensure the optimal level of quality required. To achieve this, the data is audited and investigated to guarantee the quality of the information, and, using a logical approach, understanding of the data deepened, and abstract elements are reduced, to facilitate the transfer of the data under controlled conditions. In this way, we ensure the consistency and integrity of the information requested.
We have a support department that works from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm, whose task is to answer your questions and assist you in your process. You can contact us at However, we are continually making improvements, updating, and maintaining our system so that your use of the system is as efficient as possible.
We are continually adding new cities both from Mexico and internationally. We have designed City Intelligence with the ability to register new cities in a matter of days or weeks (depending on the complexity of the data and the size of the city).